If you want to look into Brazilian music today:

Brasil Music Exchange, in conjunction with the BM&A, Apex-Brasil and forward-thinking radio production company Folded Wing, is a new monthly hour-long radio programme that showcases the very best in new, emerging music from Brazil, covering all genres from Jazz to Pop, Rock, Funk, Dance and everything in between. Each show will focus on the exciting new music, artists and local scenes. With special guests, live sessions and hand-picked playlists the Brasil Music Exchange radio shows will explore the diverse sounds and styles unique to the country, covering the entire spectrum of contemporary Brazilian music.



Here is one hour of fresh Sao Paolo and Salvador music:

Brasil Music Exchange 03 – São Paulo and Salvador by Brasil Music Exchange on Mixcloud

The Full Scope of Brazilian Music

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Barbara Hannigan – The Sigourney Weaver of soprano

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Watch Barbara Hannigan conduct while singing – no to mention the SM-costume she is wearing…

Found at the Guardian in a report on the 2013 “The Rest is Noise” concert series.

Also check her performance in the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic if you are a subscriber…


Zool Playlist – avantgarde electronic music

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Nice playlist by zs Zool


Willis Earl Beal (see below) Kofelgschroa (Bavarian poetic brass, performed in a bank), Ghostpoetin the  fancthe new Mojo Club, BRNS, Elliphant, Girls in Hawaii, the Bazookas with a hourly party in a school bus

Reeperbahn Festival music tips

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Willis Earl Beal – a one-man soul sensation

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Discovered at Reeperbahnfestival: Willis Earl Beal – the man’s name is hard to memorize, but his music is hard to forget. Especially live, he is a very powerful one man soul event (check out these pictures of him performing live)

Although most of Beals songs are rather slow-tempo they ooze a raw form of energy out of almost every syllable the man says, sings, screams. Something a real soul legend or people like Michael Jackson in Thriller transported. Willis Earl Beal is intruding – it is not possible for me to listen to this music as background music, as it always crawls its way into my mind and attention. A style somewhere between Stevie Wonder, Tom Waits and Tom Jones, he’s a one-man of sensation as easy entertainers like Tom Jones could only dream to ever be. There is just nothing artificial about Willi Earl Beal. Music out of the comfort zone (the recordings underline that) , which does not need a high tempo, a high volume or a wall of sound to be heard. Maybe that is why they chose to start the new album with a vocal only song. Everything his voice needs later on are smart drums, a pulsing bass and a couple of delicate additional sounds of organs or samples, or a out-of-tune acoustic guitar.

His biography may give some clue to where this power came from. As wikipedia has it Beal was born in Chicago, thrown out of the army, returned to Chicago, became homeless, worked low-level jobs, began to record music, leaving CD-Rs and flyers (in search for a girlfriend) in public spaces around Albuquerque. Because of these flyers Found Magazine (a magazine for found objects and other ephemera) covered Beal which led to him trying to get casted for a talent show and then being signed by Hot Charity records. Beal’s debut album, entitled Acousmatic Sorcery was released on April 2, 2012. His second album is titled “Nobody knows” (just released). He will also star in a film entitled ‘MEMPHIS’ directed by Tim Sutton that will premiere at the 2013 Venice film festival.


Gramophone awards winner

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This album by the wonderful, open-minded and very sympathetic violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja has won the Gramophone award for the record of the year. Gramophone is one of the leading classical music record magazines worldwide and its awards are amongst the most important in the classical music world.

http://www.gramophone.co.uk/awards/2013/concerto (including a free track via stream)

The CD features modern (20th century) compositions of three Hungarian composers: Bartok and Ligeti and Peter Eötvös, who conducts the world-famous Ensemble Modern – an ensemble that exclusively plays modern music and has cooperated not only with classical composers but also with John Zorn or Frank Zappa.

The music in this record breathes – it comes to life (instead of just being notes played in correct but boring timing) because Kopatchinskaja brings her character and her Moldavian roots into these compositions, her mother plays violin, her father the tsimbl. She has recorded a great album with traditional AND comtemporary music with them.

The album on Spotify: Patricia Kopatchinskaja – Bartok, Eötvös, Ligeti


New Bill Callahan album

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the new Bill Callahan album is out…

Berlin concert: Heimathafen Neukölln, February 15th, 2014



Live Stream from a concert in Afghanistan

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We are judging the visuals rather than the music!

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This is how we judge music: a new study shows we claim music to be the content but then judge by the visuals:

“The dominance of visual information emerges to the degree that it is overweighted relative to auditory information, even when sound is consciously valued as the core domain content.”

A good summary on NPR online




Listen to Birtwistle’s The Moth Requiem

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as performed live on August 12th at the BBC Proms